Welcome to Prism Suite®

Prism Suite works the way you work, delivering dynamic configuration management for today’s IT professionals. It provides the critical desktop management functionality that administrators use most in an easy to learn, easy to use and easy to implement solution. Prism eliminates the complexity and hidden costs associated with traditional desktop management suites, automating processes and workflow to drive new IT and help desk efficiencies.

Prism dramatically improves administrative control by delivering real-time insight into the configuration states of computer systems on the network. With Prism, you can create desktop standards to streamline management processes. You’ll improve security by discovering, reporting on, and removing undesirable applications – including malware – and patching software applications to eliminate vulnerabilities. And with its Smart Update™ capabilities, you can configure Prism to monitor and automatically remediate systems that deviate from their approved configurations.

This Quick Start Guide will introduce you to the basics of Prism: