Viewing the Configuration Groups

Next we will explore the power of Configuration Groups. Prism has already placed your computer into a configuration group, based on its characteristics. In the next section, you will see it populate a different group, reflecting the changes made by deploying a Task to your computer.

To view the members of a configuration group:

  1. Click on the Configuration Groups tab.


  1. Expand the Sample Group by clicking the + next to the group name in the tree view pane. Then click the + next to the All Others group name to expand this subgroup.

When you highlight the All Others subgroup, your computer is listed both in this branch and on the Members tab in the details pane on the right side of the window.


Tip!    The All Others subgroup contains all computers that are not part of any of the other subgroups within the Sample Group. Creating an All Others group is one of the configuration group options. Use this feature to target all the computers on your network that don’t meet your defined requirements.

  1. Look for your computer in the other groups set up in the Quick Start Channel. Chances are it matches one or more of the groups.

In the next section of this Quick Start Guide, you will watch your computer move from one subgroup to another subgroup within the Sample Group as you deploy Tasks that immediately show up on your computer and are reflected in the Console.

Tip!    Servers can subscribe to Channels and receive updates just as easily as workstations. Many of our customers use Prism to update and manage Citrix Servers.