View the Successful Deployment in the Reports

Prism reports provide detailed information on the deployment of Tasks, the status of computers and groups in the Channel, and the actions taken by the administrator or other users. After generating a report, you can filter the data, group it by category, or set the sort order to refine and rearrange the output. Reports can be viewed on screen for a quick summary, exported to a file for further analysis, or formatted and printed directly from the Console.

To view a report on the Task deployment that you just completed:

  1. Click the image\deploy_rpt_icon.gif icon in the Console toolbar or select Reports | Deployment Reports.

  2. From the list of Deployment reports, select the Deployment Summary report.

  3. The Deployment Summary report lists the Task that you deployed to your computer. This report window lets you print, export, or customize the report results.


The Deployment Summary report shows the current status of the Task, when it was applied, and other detailed information. This report is a summary. For more detailed deployment information, see the other deployment reports.