Inventorying your Hardware and Software

Asset Manager's inventorying works in the background, collecting information about the configuration of managed computers and software installed on your managed computers. It then matches this information to our extensive database of applications and suites, and compiles detailed information on the hardware and operating system of your managed computers. You can perform this inventory on-demand or set a schedule for regular inventory scans to run.

We will explore two aspects of the computer inventory—information about the software and hardware inventory and license management. First, let us see the results of an inventory of your computer:

  1. Go to the Managed tab.


  1. Right-click on the name of your computer in the tree view and select Inventory Now from the pop-up menu (or, you can click InventoryImage.GIF in the toolbar).


  1. On the Choose Scan Configuration dialog, click OK.


Prism begins to inventory your computer. This process will take a few moments.


Tip!    With the default scan configuration, Prism looks for all of the .exe and .com files on your computer, matching them with known software applications. At the same time, Prism gathers detailed information about the hardware and operating system.

If you have specific types of files or information that you want to inventory on a regular basis, Prism lets you create and save a customized inventory configuration that you can use regularly or as needed. See the Asset Management or Console online help for more information.

  1. Click on the Software tab at the bottom of the details pane on the right side of the main window. Prism lists all of the applications found on your computer that it matched to the extensive listing of applications and suites in our database.


Tip!    Update your PSID (Prism Software Information Database) monthly to ensure the accuracy of these matches. New Boundary Technologies updates the database regularly as new applications or versions become available. For more information on updating the database, see the support area of the New Boundary Technologies Web site (

  1. Click on the Hardware tab at the bottom of the details pane on the right side of the main window. Prism displays detailed information about the hardware, operating system, and other aspects of the configuration. You can also capture this information in a report.


Tip!    When you have a group selected on the Managed tab, the Hardware tab in the details pane can include information on a large number of computers. Click the image\minus_sign.gif next to the computer to collapse the information. By default, the data is grouped by computer name.

  1. In addition to viewing the information on-screen, you have two options for printing the inventory information: