Using a Web Page to Install Prism Files

Prism Packages are single, compressed files with no dependencies. This means they are extremely portable and can be installed in a variety of ways. The Console offers the greatest reliability when installing Packages to hundreds or thousands of users. But for customized applications, or applications users install on their own terms, a Web page provides a convenient and familiar interface for users to access software. Web pages offer the flexibility for access within a corporate intranet, a secured Internet site for road warriors, or even burned to a CD-ROM that users carry with them.

The only configuration required on your Web server is defining the specific MIME types for the Prism files you will utilize. We recommend two:

By having MIME types defined, users’ browsers will know what action to perform when users click on Prism extensions embedded within your Web pages. (Please refer to your Web server documentation for defining MIME types.)

The last step is to get creative! Have your local Web expert create HTML pages containing links to Prism Packages and Scripts that users can browse to and install. The following images show examples:



As another option, you might build a CD-ROM that contains a user’s critical applications. If the user is on an airplane and an application stops functioning, they can fix their own software via the CD instead of waiting several hours for an Internet connection. The CD-ROM can auto-run a Web interface with links to Prism Packages on the CD. A simple solution for a re-builder CD!