Uninstalling a Task

Along with pushing changes out to target computers, Prism also lets you uninstall any of the changes that you installed through the Console.

Note:   For Command and Script Tasks, the Use Uninstall checkbox must be checked in the Task's properties.

  1. Click on the Managed tab.


Tip!    Prism offers several shortcuts or alternate methods for performing the same actions. To show you how easily you can install and uninstall Tasks through the Managed view, we are going to use that view for this exercise, although it can also be done through the Tasks tab.

  1. On the Managed tab, highlight the name of your computer.


  1. Click on the Assignments tab at the bottom of the details pane on the right.


Your computer is listed on the Assignments tab, showing the Sample Package A Task that you successfully deployed.


  1. Right-click on the Task name in the details pane and select Schedule from the pop-up menu.


Tip!    You have several options for assigning Tasks—use drag-and-drop as you did in the previous exercise, highlight the Task and select Deployment | Install Task, or right-click on the Task name for a list of options.

  1. The Schedule Task window appears. This time, select Uninstall the Task. Click Next.


  1. Specify when to start the uninstall. Make sure the default option— Process the task as soon as possible—is selected. Click Finish.


  1. Within seconds, the Task—Sample Package A— is uninstalled from your computer. Confirm that the Package A shortcut is no longer on your desktop.


Note: When Prism uninstalls a Package, it not only removes information it installed, it also puts the computer back to its pre-deployment state. This includes putting back files and registry entries it may have removed or changed, as well as putting any other settings back to the way they were.


  1. If you check the Assignments tab, you will notice that the schedule column for this Task now reads Uninstall.