Self-Healing Applications

Applications installed with Prism can be easily edited to repair themselves on every launch. This is done by modifying (within the Editor) the target of an application’s shortcut to point to a two-line Prism script instead of to the application’s executable. Here is a sample of the two script commands you could create using any text editor.

/InstallPackage \\server\share\

/Run "C:\Program Files\MyApp\MyApp.exe"

Save the file with the .PTS extension, for example, myappheal.pts. Then, add the script to your Prism Package. Now, simply modify the shortcut to point to myappheal.pts instead of to myappheal.exe. Each time the user double-clicks the shortcut, the application will self-heal.

Prism is extremely efficient when it reinstalls a Package. It pulls only those components from the Package that need to be reinstalled; it does not download the entire Package first to a temporary directory and then reinstall from there. This feature is one of Prism’s great advantages in managing mobile systems that may be connected over a slow link.