Removing Unwanted Software

There are various software applications that simply do not belong in a corporate environment—from spyware applications to programs that download music, weather applications, and so on. Users download, install, and use these applications, often times without your knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of these unwanted applications? Ideally, you want to take a proactive approach to managing unwanted software — the moment one of these applications is detected on your network, it gets uninstalled.

By using Prism’s Smart Update technology to detect if an unwanted application is installed, you can do just that. The following example uses Hotbar as the application you wish to discover on your network computers and to uninstall it if it does exist. This same technique can be used for any unwanted application, not only for Hotbar.

  1. In the Console, create a Configuration Group based on the existence of Hotbar. New Boundary Technologies recommends checking for certain registry keys that are unique to Hotbar. (If you would like a copy of our ruleset for detecting Hotbar, please contact technical support.) When computers poll the Channel, they will join the "Hotbar Installed" configuration group if Hotbar is detected on the system.


  1. Now that you know you have Hotbar on some of your systems, you need to remove it. There are a couple methods that can be used:

  1. You can now assign the removal Task (either the Command or Package Task) to the Hotbar Installed group. You can make the Task recurring; if users continually install Hotbar, you can continually uninstall Hotbar!