Creating a Production Channel

When you are ready to begin using Prism in your production environment, you have several options for setting up and using Prism Channels.

Moving the Quick Start Channel to Production

With its preset configuration groups and Tasks, many users find it convenient to use the Quick Start Channel for their production environment and simply begin adding computers and building their own Tasks, inventory configurations, and custom reports. If you choose this option, it is critical that you change the polling interval before you begin. For demonstration purposes, the polling interval in the Quick Start Channel is set to Continuously. This setting is not recommended for the production environment.

To change the polling interval:

  1. With the Quick Start Channel open in the Console, select File | Client Settings.


  1. On the Client Settings | Polling tab, set the polling interval to 10 minutes or more, depending on the number of computers in your Channel.


  1. Select the Automatically apply settings to all clients check box.


Tip!    If you prefer to set the Client setting individually for computers, see Applying Unique Settings to a Client in the online Help or Console Guide.

  1. As you install the Client on managed computers or as existing computers contact the Channel Server, the polling interval is updated.