Managing Your Computer

Ready to see Prism Suite in action? Let's begin.

Before any computer can be managed in a channel, you must:

This exercise steps you through the process of adding your own computer to the Quick Start Channel. You will do the following:

To add your computer to the Quick Start Channel:

  1. Click the Network tab and navigate to the name of your computer in the tree view.


  1. Right-click on the name of your computer and select Manage Computer from the pop-up menu.


  1. Prism displays the Manage Licenses dialog. Your computer name and assigned licenses are displayed.


Note:  As released, the Quick Start Channel is set up with auto-licensing enabled for both Prism Deploy and Prism Asset Manager. When auto-licensing is enabled, Prism automatically assigns available licenses when you add a computer to the channel.

  1. Click Next.


  1. Select the following:

Client Installation Method

Select Now via Direct Client Installation.

Settings and Options

For this exercise, do not change either the Client Settings or Advanced Options or Alternate Credentials.

When you want to set up a channel for a production environment, you may need to change the default settings and options for the channel. Specifically, you may want to adjust the default polling frequency. See Creating a Production Channel for more information.

Reboot computer after installation

Select the Reboot computer after installation checkbox.

In most cases, you want to confirm that the Reboot computer after installation check box is selected. When installing the Client on your own computer, Prism will not reboot it. Remote computers must be rebooted to begin communicating with the Channel Server.

  1. Click Install.

Prism pushes the client software to your computer in just a few seconds. Once completed, a confirmation message appears stating that the installation was successful.


  1. Click Finish.  

Tip!  When you are ready to evaluate Prism on multiple computers, see Ready to Extend Your Exploration for tips on installing the Client and managing remote computers.

  1. Click on the Managed tab.  With the Managed tab selected, you can view information about the status of your computer in the details pane on the right side of the window.