Managing Software Licenses

Asset Manager is designed not only to help you identify information about software applications on managed computers, it also helps you actively manage the licenses for those applications. When you manage a license unit, Prism displays a pie-chart and statistics that provide immediate feedback on the status of license compliance among your managed computers.

To record or check the current status of a software license:

  1. Go to the License Units tab in the tree view on the left side of the main window. In the tree view, Prism displays a list of all the license units identified on your computer. A license unit represents a single application or a suite of applications. A license unit is covered by a single license. Typically, the applications or suites that make up a license unit differ only by version. The license unit may also include support files or alternate executables.



Tip!    With the Licenses tab selected in the details pane, Prism shows a pie-chart representing the level of compliance with your software licenses. For this pie-chart to reflect the status of a specific license unit, that license unit must be managed. Through the following steps, we will manage and record a license.


Tip!    Prism lets you create your own custom groups for license units. Simply right-click on the User-Defined Groups folder and select Create Group from the pop-up menu. Populate the group by first selecting and then dragging applications from the License Units tab. For example, use a custom group to quickly identify and check the status of all your security applications or accounting software

  1. If you have been browsing through the tabs, choose the Licenses tab at the bottom of the details pane.


  1. Highlight the Internet Explorer license unit in the tree view. (If you do not have this application on your evaluation machine, choose a different license unit.)


  1. In the License Type field at the top of the Licenses tab in the details pane, select Per Seat from the drop-down list.


By selecting a type of license, you are letting Prism know that you want to actively manage the licenses for this application. The contents of the details pane changes to reflect the status of this application.

At first, the pie-chart is solid red to show you that the license is out of compliance. We will fix that by recording a license for this product.


  1. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Licenses tab in the details pane.


  1. On the Add License Purchase dialog, confirm that there is a 1 in the License Count field. You are recording one license for this product. Click OK.


  1. The Licenses tab in the details pane now shows the status of your Internet Explorer license. You are in compliance!