Introducing the Power of Smart Update™ and Configuration Groups

The revolutionary Smart Update technology in Prism provides administrators full and instant access to the hardware, software, and network configuration of target computers. You can quickly and easily target a specific group of computers based on their configuration, providing complete control over the most complex deployments and inventories.

The possibilities are endless; the Quick Start Channel provides a few examples to get you started. Use these groups as a reference for building your own groups.

Look for these Groups in the Quick Start Channel

To demonstrate some of the ways you can use configuration groups, we have included these configuration groups in the Quick Start Channel. Click on the Configuration Groups tab to see these groups in the tree view.



Tip!    Use configuration groups in the Quick Start Channel as a reference for your own groups.

To view the underlying rule for a user-defined configuration group:

(1) Simply right-click on a subgroup listed on the Configuration Groups tab and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

(2) On the Group Properties | General tab, click the Edit Rule button.
 (This button is available only for user-defined groups.)

(3) In the Rule Editor, you can view the rule, make changes, and save it to a file that you can import into another Prism Channel.


Note: For more information on setting up groups, see "Creating Categories of Computers with Groups" in the Console online Help.