Installing Prism Suite

If you would like to evaluate all of the Prism components, your computer can act as the Console, Channel Server, and Package Builder. For the purposes of this Quick Start Guide, we assume that all of these applications are installed on your computer.

Note: In a production environment, you will install the Package Builder to a "clean" computer representative of target computers and the Channel Server to a computer running a server operating system. (Please refer to the support area of for best practices.)


Note: Prism requires a Microsoft SQL Server database. You may either use one that is already installed in your environment, or let Prism help you install SQL Server Express for your evaluation.


To install Prism, follow the steps in the setup wizard. You will need the serial number provided to you by New Boundary Technologies in order to proceed. When you are asked to select the role(s) for the computer where you are installing Prism accept the default for all roles and proceed.


Prism will help you install and configure required Microsoft components.