Getting Started with the Console

Since the Channel is your center of operations in Prism, we installed a Quick Start Channel along with the application. This Channel is designed to help you get started quickly and to see Prism in action. You will also find it is a valuable reference as you add more advanced features, like setting up groups. You can use any of the content in the Quick Start Channel as you move Prism into your environment. The Quick Start Channel is available as soon as you open Prism.

Opening the Quick Start Channel

Let’s get started.

  1. Open the Prism Suite Console from the Windows Start menu.

The Select the channel you wish to manage dialog box opens.


  1. Highlight the Quick Start Channel, then click OK to open this Channel in the Console.

The Quick Start Channel opens in the main window (below). By default, the Console opens to the Managed tab, which lists all of the computers that Prism is managing.