Deploy your Prism Package to a Computer

After creating a Prism Package, the next step is to return to the Console to create a deployment Task representing the Package (shortcut).

  1. Open the Console from the Windows Start menu.

Tip!       If you have the Editor and Console installed on the same computer, you can open the Console directly by clicking image\console_open_icon.gif in the Editor's toolbar.

  1. If the Select the Channel you Wish to Manage dialog box opens, highlight the Quick Start Channel and click OK.


If the Console opens to the main window, go on to the next step.

  1. In the Console main window, go to the Tasks tab.


  1. Expand the All Tasks branch and do one of the following:


  1. On the Create New Task dialog box, select the Package option.


  1. Using the browse_arrow.gif button, browse to the Prism file that you created with the Editor.  Click Next.


  1. Prism warns you that the Package file is local. For this exercise, you will deploy this Package directly to your own computer, so this location is acceptable. Click Yes.


Tip!   When you deploy Prism files in your production environment, the files associated with the Task must be on a server or other shared location that is available to target computers at all times.

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the new Task. Click Finish.


  1. The new Task is now listed in the Tasks tab. Drag and drop this Task onto your computer to install the New Boundary Shortcut.


  1. On the Schedule Task dialog box, select the option to Install the Task once. Click the Next button.


  1. On the next dialog box, click the Finish button to select the default option to Process the Task as soon as possible.


  1. On the Desktop, look for the shortcut that you just installed. Click the shortcut to open the New Boundary Technologies Web site.