Deploy a Task to Your Computer

The Quick Start Channel includes a sample Task you can deploy to your own computer. The sample Tasks will do nothing more than install shortcuts to your desktop.

Important! The sample Package is stored in the local Prism folder, so it can be only deployed to the local machine. When you are ready to deploy this Package or other Packages to other computers, move the Prism file to a network share or other location that is available to all of the target computers. Then, update the Task Properties | Command tab to point to the new location.

  1. Click on the Tasks tab.


With the Tasks tab selected in the tree view, you have several tabs available at the bottom of the details pane. Switch between these views to quickly check the available Tasks, see their assignments, or view a list of computers and groups so that you can deploy changes simply by dragging and dropping.

  1. Click on the All Targets tab at the bottom of the details pane on the right side of the main window.


  1. Click on the + sign next to Managed Computers (in the details pane) to view your computer.


  1. Highlight the Sample Package - A Task in the tree view on the left side of the Console window.


When it is installed, this Task creates a shortcut on your desktop.

  1. Drag the Sample Package – A Task onto your computer in the details pane on the All Targets tab in the details pane.


Tip!    Apply the Task to all of the members of a subgroup by dragging the Task onto the subgroup name. The Task is then scheduled for all of the computers in that subgroup, at the same time. You can still view the deployment results for each computer, but you do not need to install the Task for each one separately.

  1. Now choose a deployment schedule. Make sure the default option—Install the task—is selected. Click Next.



  1. Specify when to start the deployment. Make sure the default option— Process the task as soon as possible—is selected. Click Finish.



Tip!    Notice that this dialog includes a Wake on LAN option. With this option selected, if the target computer is turned off or shut down when the Task is scheduled for installation, the Channel attempts to wake up the computer and install the Task.

For this option to work, the target computer must have the appropriate hardware and be correctly configured to support Wake on LAN via Magic Packets™.


Tip!    If you are deploying a Prism Package over a dial-up or other less stable connection and the connection fails while the Prism Package is installing, Prism’s Checkpoint/Restart feature kicks in. It takes care of restarting the installation at the point where it left off. When the Package has been successfully installed, it is noted in the Deployment Summary report.

See the Packaging Guide or online Help for more information on this feature.


Tip!    Prism lets you run any Task in unattended mode, letting you install a Task at a time when no one is logged on to the target computer.

(1) After creating the Task, highlight it on the Tasks tab.

(2) Open the Properties by right-clicking on the Task name and selecting Properties from the pop-up menu.

(3) Go to the Properties | Execution tab.

(4) Select the Allow unattended Installation option.

By default, the Task is installed under the Local System account on the target computer when no one is logged on.

If the Task you are deploying needs access to a resource located on the network, make sure to specify an appropriate account under the Run as option.


  1. In just a few seconds, the Task—Sample Package A— is deployed to your computer. Check the desktop to confirm that the Task was successful. The Package A shortcut should now be visible.


  1. Return to the Configuration Groups tab.


  1. Notice that your computer has moved to the Package A Installed sample group. This group is formed with a configuration rule that looks for the presence of the Package A shortcut on target computers.