Deploy a Script Task to Your Computer

Script Tasks offer a powerful tool for linking the installation of two or more Prism files or adding advanced logic to your Tasks. The Quick Start Channel includes a sample Script Task that installs three separate Prism files. Each Prism file in the script installs a shortcut on your desktop.

Install a Script Task

If you like, install the Sample Script - ABC Task on your computer, following the procedure that you used in the last section. You can also assign a Task in one of these ways:

Uninstall a Script Task

Remove the Script Task in the same way that you removed the changes made with Sample Package A.

Tip!    Before uninstalling a script or command Task through the Console, you may need to set up uninstall information for the Task. Uninstall information (or the name of an uninstall script) is entered through the Task Properties.

To view the uninstall information for the Sample Script – ABC Task, open the Task Properties by right-clicking on the name of the Task and selecting Task Properties from the pop-up menu. On the Task Properties dialog box, go to the Uninstall tab. Prism displays the name of the uninstall script file.