Building Prism Packages

The Editor, a component of the Package Builder, is used to build deployment Packages. A Package can represent any software changes you want to deploy to computers in your organization. For example, the Editor can package a large application suite like Microsoft Office or a custom program built in-house. Just as easily, the Editor can package a printer installation, simple updates to the registry, or even the removal of software.

Deployment Packages built with Prism install with near 100% reliability, every time. You will be amazed at how easy it is to build Packages with Prism. Unlike complex scripting tools, building a Prism Package is just a matter of clicking Next. Though Prism makes the process simple, its scope is not simple. Prism is distinct in the power, flexibility, and control it gives you over how Packages install in your environment.

Other deployment tools are supposed to save you time by performing an action once rather than repeating it for each user. Unfortunately, they often find it difficult to automate installations when an application requires a unique user name to operate, needs to ensure a system has a certain setup, or requires changes to NTFS and/or registry permissions in order to function. Prism is different.

These are just some of the issues Prism solves.