Tracking License Usage

Asset Manager allows you to monitor actual usage of any inventoried license unit. It does this by monitoring all uses of the applications that make up that license unit, and aggregating this information in the console to indicate how often the license unit is actually being used.

To track usage of a software license:

  1. Before enabling usage tracking, we will first configure Asset Manager to collect usage data continuously. While this is not recommended for production systems, it allows you to see the usage data more quickly.

    1. From the File menu, select Channel Properties. This opens the Channel Properties dialog.

    2. Select the Maintenance tab.

    3. Make sure Recalculate license usage levels is checked, and select Continuously from the drop-down list. This tells Asset Manager to compute usage levels in realtime rather than hourly or daily.

Important  Make sure to revert this setting to Hourly or Daily prior to going into production.

  1. Go to the License Units tab.


  1. Choose the Licenses tab at the bottom of the details pane.


  1. Highlight the Internet Explorer license unit in the tree view. (If you do not have this application on your evaluation machine, choose a different license unit - one that is easy to launch.)


  1. Check the Track license usage checkbox next to the License Type field. Asset Manager will immediately begin monitoring all launches of Internet Explorer (or whatever license unit you selected).


  1. Click the All License Units node in the tree, and select the Members tab. Sort the grid by clicking on the Track Usage column and scrolling as necessary to see the license unit. You will see that the Track Usage setting for that license unit is "Yes", and the Usage Level is "Never" (if it says "Not tracked", press Refresh).


  1. Now run the tracked application a few times. Go to the Start menu on any managed machine where Internet Explorer is installed, and launch it.

  2. Return to the Console and select the Members tab. Press the Refresh button in the toolbar. The Usage Level should be "Daily" (depending on how many times you launched it and how long you waited). Also, note that the Usage is 1, meaning that the license unit has been used on 1 computer.